Ancient Civilizations | A Quantum War / Revolution | The ‘Regeneration’ Series


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*These are all thoughts and opinions here. My aim in this info is to generate curiosity. I’m no grammar major! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Love and hugs…

Also please note that some of the photographic images below were created outside of the actual series– I only have them photographed within this collection because of building and releasing all the work at the same time. xx


Many of the elements that show up in this series became a major theme in my life over the past few years (in many forms for that matter). To put it simple— It has much to do with shedding old skin, rebirth / new beginnings (on a collective level and a personal level). Not forcing or swimming upstream for life, but letting life flow to me and responding to what aligns with me or not. To let go of the idea and illusion of self.

Everything flows to you when the time is correct. You can’t search for it, that’s to swim against the current. This is an ancient battle, an invisible war taking form in the physical realm that many people can’t see (because it cannot be seen with your physical eyes, but your third eye / subconscious can *once tapped into it).

The mind is so preoccupied with skewed perceptions and placing meanings on EVERY LITTLE THING, this causes the downloads from the information field to be overlooked constantly. The information is there to be absorbed and guide you. If everyone could just truly align themselves from a self level (actually put in the work and embrace that most of the work will be gritty), that would be the true contribution to society everyone seeks to apply in their lifetime.

It seems to me at least (only my opinion here), the purpose / meaning people seek in life that drives this organic force deep within us so we can help  build / contribute to this collective tool bag and service the entire tribe (so humanity can grow and survive), it’s neglected due to the performance layer of standards (what’s acceptable in society) and the program society has placed over us all. It pulls the wool so tightly over the eyes that true self alignment is a crazy / unreachable illusion. It blinds many from the truth. From a self level of aligning with true self (if we one-by-one put in the work), it would cause the entire collective to become a fractal of dominos falling into place like ancient geometry. Maybe then we could evolve into our next phase as a species fully.

It’s exciting to know so many are putting in the work, but there’s so many that need to be unplugged still. The elite of society holds humanity hostage with these old systems / beliefs, but think about it, people hold their higher-self hostage, their true self… What the elite does to society, most do to themselves. That in itself is a fractal reversed in the wrong direction. It’s like a rock that no one can flow around, it creates this stuck (looping) environment residing at the same level (or even flowing backwards for that matter, it’s not natural).

The current planet alignments in the sky— These are dances that haven’t happened in hundreds of years, some of them even thousands and beyond even. The energies behind these dances in the sky are manifesting here in reality on this 3rd dimensional physical plane. It’s extremely potent and unfortunately unobserved by too many. The roots of our very existence playing over our heads and spitting information into the field around us. It is overlooked, ignored, it grazes across our beings like oil and water just rolling off the collective (with drips reaching a few putting in the work).

Happiness is success. Health is wealth. It should not be based off the amount of cash you make every month, the car you drive, the place you live, and / or if you’re married with children or not. Everyone has their own path whatever that shall be.. Everyone is unique with so many gifts never touched. What are we really doing here? Life has become misery for so many due to money being the most vital thing to our existence currently. And it is vital! Society has made it vital! Again; man-made stuff here. All you truly need in life is air and creativity (to be resourceful in that creativity is true art), life is your medium if you can just apply the magic found through you stillness / silence. That’s where things can get loud, in that stillness / silence. It doesn’t happen over night either.

Modern-man patterns and conditioning pressure society to stay in this loop of suffering and doing these routines that don’t align with the true unique designs as beings living this human experience. Look at the entire picture here– I’m not saying we need to live in caves (well, if that’s your jam then do it, I’d make a cave a house, lol), but we are intelligent creatures. We have the knowledge to set a better trajectory for humanity, and again, we can all from a self level align with true self via discovering our individual design.

We all have these special capabilities and gifts if they can be tapped into (that’s putting in the work, shit’s not easy for a sec). Darkness gives light purpose. Think about trauma victims that all the sudden discover crazy musical, math or painting talents… These gifts are living dormant in all of us. ALL OF US! It’s like they got the shit shaken or smacked out of them and it jars something loose. Not saying we need to experience trauma to release these special features in our design, but in a way, aligning yourself can be traumatic within itself. All things will surface and be disintegrated.

Ever thought how it would feel to burn everything you thought was important suddenly without warning (photos, journals, clothes, etc)… Now; I’m not saying to literally burn everything you own (but I do believe in burn ceremonies, more on this later)…But imagine experiencing something like that. It’s not easy to empty everything out, to let go and become an empty vessel ready to listen and learn the true knowledge in this school of life. To become one with yourself is to become a true tribe in this dimension (as one *and one for all type scenario).

Think about quantum, you can’t see it with your physical eyes. People don’t believe in what they can’t see in actual form. In my opinion based of what I hear, people say things along the lines of– It’s incredible but I don’t understand it. I know it’s so small that it goes massive in the other direction far beyond what our physical eyes can see. We just can’t see it though. My point here; we have to go in to see the big picture. Going in is going outer. Listen to the silence. Be so still that you can only feel what’s whistling and moving around you. It’s all waves and frequencies truly. You can play and manipulate these energies, but please keep in mind that the universe has a better plan for each of us. You can’t even dream some of this up for yourself. It’s like missing out because your thoughts break the probability wave. Dreams (or goals) of your perfect life are just illusions of how you see yourself in life (and how you want others to see you). Seriously; the universe has a much more divine plan for you if you can just let go. Remember the unknown is the sexiest place to be and you’re not the driver. You’re the observer here to experience, witness, to learn… So enjoy the ride to anywhere. Don’t get this confused with intentions either. I’ll come back to intentions in a later writing, trying to keep focus here. =)

The blueprints are already here within you. Just open up to see this treasure map. We are so keen on forcing our own story and being a legend (or not) here. We get very trapped to the idea of self. Even this, finding your true self (or another idea of who you think you could be, in your mind, a better you, a new invented version of yourself).. It’s the loop. It’s not about that. It’s literally becoming completely empty. It’s like cutting out things from your diet to see what you are allergic to and introducing things back one-by-one. In this case, shutting off your senses the best you can. Becoming so still that you remove sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, memories, dreams, ideas, then introduce things back one-by-one. Techniques on this in a later writing.

Literally many transformations are rooted by the want to live up to a new standard you’ve created in your mind of “self”. Do you see it? There are still standards placed by society around the particular role (or archetype) you decide aligns with the idea of how you see yourself operating in this dimension (and again repeating myself here, it can also be rooted by how you want others to see you). How can we truly strip this conditioning from who you call “you”? Crazy example coming next; what if there’s a new opportunity to start fresh and money has no existence or value anymore… What ideas or routines would you create around feeling healthy and surviving daily? Things for yourself to grow happy / healthy every day doing things you love (or value).

I hear some folks say nothing is there for them in that space, they don’t know what they would do, etc-etc… That’s because they are still trying to think their way out of it. You can’t. The talents, the answers, the ideas, inspiration… It unfolds from within. It takes time to understand which voices / intuitions in your gut worth listening to, as well as, the feelings in your heart that you should navigate from. The very thing that makes us human that we tend to shut down and ignore completely.

Your brain is a tool to process data and generate new ideas, etc-etc… It’s not a navigational tool. It just can’t be operated from. It’s not to be trusted! Also duly note; emotions are not fact. Yes, we are human and you’re entitled to your emotions, but these are just meanings and skewed perceptions we are obsessed with placing on everything so we can make sense of our reality (and they aren’t real). I can be just as emotional as the next human, I’m was born with a Pisces Sun and you should see my Human Design Chart (enough said there, lol).  You have the freedom to treat those thoughts, emotions and feelings like clouds passing by. You can just watch them float by and disregard. There’s no need to hook in and start deciphering every piece with meaning after meaning, judgement after judgment, emotion after emotion, it’s truly a disguised way of tormenting yourself (well, you can do that if that’s your thing, but that doesn’t sound fun or productive). Instead– You can leave space for processing data, new information / knowledge, the information field downloads, survival tactics, etc-etc.. You see where I’m going…

The mutation of society started as splenic creatures (survival based in the beginning of humans). It then moved to the brain where we are currently still holding humanity (and ourselves) hostage trying to wrongly navigate our lives and world from. Repeating myself here–  Your brain is not to be navigated from, it’s a data processing tool. It’s being used as a tour guide by so many unfortunately. However; the mutation has already shifted again into the solar plexus (the emotional / spiritual awareness center). The brain was a major part of humanity evolving, it was extremely important to pass through this center. Being stuck here is going against the grain of our design since we’re already shifting / mutating as a society into the solar plexus (or we are in the process of doing so). Old designs still walk this planet trying to condition the minds / lives that are being born with this new design.

Moving on though– The solar plexus stems very deep within our emotions and has much to do with spiritual awareness at the same time. It’s more important than ever to understand that emotions are not fact. No matter how entitled you feel to them, you could drive yourself apeshit trying to make everyone hear how you’re feeling until you believe you’ve been “validated” and “heard”. How exhausting! Especially since we all live a unique reality and personal program!

Holding onto the old design of the brain center (and trying to navigate from it) mixed with this emotional needle surfacing as our new design within the solar plexus center, operating this design correctly gets extremely lost obviously. Thinking your way through how you feel, whoa! Wow.. Again; humans are trying to think their way through life’s labyrinth vs. listening to their inner / true self guide them. On the flip; some our listening to those voices but they have all the voices tangled. Example: Ego is driving, fear is making the decisions, etc-etc… And on that note, there’s so much fear driving us as individuals and as a species, it’s holding us back from the next phase of where we are going as a collective. Fear not to have. Fear of lack. I’ll write more on this later (regarding fear).

It’s not about being left or right (well, it does when it comes to being left or right brained, more on this later), but I mean in politics. And literally the fact we are still stuck on racism and gender in the world (these are the old systems and beliefs that need to be overthrown in society)… Are we going to make someone suffer because they came from another planet when we get to that point someday? Are we going to have war as we claim and want control of planets as we move from earth and expand? Listen to this! As Ra Ra Ru once said, “We don’t lack intelligence, we lack awareness”.

These things are not important and play no role in our survival or evolving. We are all living creatures. Anyone who can’t see this is playing a hand in holding back the entire world and universe.  I’m so sorry to anyone who has been harmed or suffered from the hands of ignorance, fears, control freaks, abusers, anyone. ***We should be coming together to put all our energy, strengths and knowledge to overthrow all the elite (governments) and this system we are all being held hostage in. To form a society to nourish humans so we can do our true duties we are here to do individually and together as a whole accomplish / overcome (and learn from).. This is how we could truly move forward into new realms, understanding new dimensions, to upload / upgrade to new simulations under a new regime for humans not to suffer anymore.

There’s so much karmic energy walking with our society. Old KKK leaders,  Hitler, people who burnt humans alive because they were thought as a witch or healer… All these systems were built around fear and things created by man living old designs. Not things useful for true survival. There’s so much fear residing in our belief systems, it’s just driving us around and so many have no idea (or ignore the fact this is happening).

The true war. The fear to not have. The fear to let down (your family, friends, etc-etc)… This is not your personal program! It’s someones else’s you’re trying to live up to. We are so afraid to be alone and not meet the expectations of the programs other people have for us, or maybe you’ve created a program for yourself that meets your idea of “self”. Again, it’s the loop. We take our conditioned self, then uncondition it (think I made that word up, lol), to only recondition it under a new regime that meets our new standards or ideas of “self” (the attachment / illusion of “self” and reinventing ourselves to meet our new “standard” / “program” of “self” (so to say). This isn’t a complete bad thing… I personally think this is apart of the process to truly find your center. However, the layer of performance, the roles and expectations that are placed around society for so called spiritual awareness… It gets in to archetypes here. There are these  jackets and ice cream flavors that everyone wants to have and/or a glass to be seen throughly others (how you want others to see you basically, also how you want to see yourself within that picture). On the flip of this, we are dealing with the man who becomes so enlightened that almost gets (or does get) an ego from it, and the loop starts all over again. What a vicious cycle!

The dissolve process– These are practices to release and circulate energy through movement and breath, to embrace silence as the loudest sound, to become water that flows around the rocks of life… Letting things flow to you vs. chasing it upstream. It will flow to you when you need it if you allow it. To let the non-physical move through your being properly so you can receive the information you are here to learn and share with your tribe (and/or the entire collective). We are all students and messengers. Otherwise your trial and errors are done in vain. We are all in trial and error mode living out the experiences guiding us to the truth. It’s our duty to pass the found info to the collective so the next beings can take the ball and maybe place it further along the path of knowledge. It’s a tool bag we all contribute to and pull from as a society as needed.

Without sharing knowledge we just ride this same wave over and over again as a collective. We can truly surf new waves if we learn to share what we found in our darkness / silence. Please understand that solitude is not aloneness. If it is for you, then you have more time to spend with yourself. However, at the same time we all can use some external energies and electromagnetic connections that cross our paths (given they align with us). Some being karmic connections, etc.-etc… These are needed. If you’re not cleansing your energy and auric field out constantly, you’re not able to let your energy work its magic (so your proper alignment places you to be in the correct environment so you are around the correct things and people, so you can see the things you need to see, hear, learn, experience / observer, etc-etc)… All that falls into place when you’re clear and centered (like dominoes falling into place perfectly)…Otherwise, if you’re a clogged drain, who knows who’s trying to drain your system out (pun intended).

I’ll leave it here for now, though there’s much more to say. I’ve barely gone into any specifics on any of these topics here but wanted to build some curiosity / conversation. Let’s chat in the comments!

Last side note: This doesn’t mean you have to make a brand about dissolving your ego. That’s the ego wanting some trophies and validation from the external world. Internal work is no competition. It’s a binding net we can’t see with our physical eyes bridging together so we can as a whole bounce forward while protecting the entire collective from falling back into old patterns / design. It’s to safely move at your own speed no matter who’s up or down around you. It’s a pyramid of information forming a web that we all contribute and take from. It’s the collective “tool bag”. Use it wisely.