West End Gastropub | Custom Bar Art

Custom Printed Photography & Designs On Wood 

(spring 2014)

Clockwork Orange was already in their current branding, we did not want to smoother that too much more with the art. The owner was really into the idea of having René Magritte elements show up in the works (e.g. apples in front of face, birds, etc-etc, and there was nothing I could say to change his mind), but he also wanted it with a twist of steampunk meets West End London (old time) feel.

Follow me still?

I really wanted to keep the girls simple, sexy, tough, but still feminine without being suggestive or distracting. Some steampunk accessories were pulled together for a photo shoot with two models that I shot on white studio back drop. Spent time playing / layering with maps, clocks, birds, stamps, and a bunch of other old vintage style stuff. Pretty much went nuts on it.

For sure not my personal artwork, these designs were like pulling teeth from a hen. It felt more of a challenge to find a middle ground for many reasons. Nonetheless, it all seemed to work out + everyone seems to enjoy them. Sorry to not have more photos. This isn’t even all the designs. You get the idea hopefully. =)