The Quantum Realm | Abstract Mixed Media Art


About the Art:
Volume ‘Retrograde’ Art Series (summer 2019)…

When you can understand what the quantum world is capable of (at least just a tiny bit because it’s insanely complex obviously), your true powers will surface. Everything in your psyche (on a self and collective level), the stars, the planets, this Universe, our reality (on a self and collective level), it’s all quantum magic operating behind the scenes.

Field of Focus — Your thoughts are your only weakness. To manifest what you want through even the lightest of thoughts, you are collapsing so many options that the divine energy has in store for your existence. The Universe has a better plan than you could ever come up with for yourself. Everything you seek, detach from it and it will seek you. Everything that you think you are, who you think you once were, or even ever want to be, let it go. Don’t search for your purpose, in silence and stillness, it will find you.

Life is an empty canvas ready to flourish with vibrance (if you are willing to empty out the space and let go). A completely empty mind is the most powerful thing in this embodiment. Your body has a time clock, our souls are immortal. Paradise is within all of us. Going inward is how you go outward on the largest scale possibly known by man (but it’s so large it can’t even be measured).

Love kills the demons. Forgive yourself and everyone. Worship the gratitude you’re capable of. Embrace the patience waiting around for eternity until you notice it backstage. And hold space and compassion for even your darkest self (and the darkest souls in existence). We are all wounded healers unfolding along our own path. Life knows what to do for you. You don’t have to force or control it. And I love you.

Don’t break the probability wave.  Trust your path. Aimless Feathers.

48″ (W) x 36″ (L) x 2.25″ (H)
Original black and white photo transferred onto wood, distressed layers, satin finish.