Steampunk Murals | Abstract Music Festival Art

Free Press Summer Fest ’12
(4) 6’X5′ Murals On Canvas

Stephanie Gonzalez collab (summer 2012)

The following shots are process images of steampunk murals (2 of the 4) created for the Fancy Pant VIP tents. These were thrown to us very last minute. Once we were told the theme, we barely had time to think. Just knocked out a simple solution to work visually *under a massive time crunch.

I went online and pulled some steampunk head masks, converted them to one and two color vectors, then stenciled the living hell out of them with the projector! Famous last step involving Steph and I playing a game of twister to get them painted on properly. A fly on the wall prolly fell and died from laughter. *Apologies not to have more photos.