Abstract (Plasma Cut) Carbon Steel Window Design

(1) 15’x8′ Plasma Cut Carbon Steel Window Design / Installation

Kelly O’Brien collab (winter 2015)

These are some (process) concept drawings I created for a window design / installation project with fellow artist and engineer, Kelly O’Brien. After learning what is doable or not, plus many frustrating moments later, these illustrations show how the final design evolved.

Kelly loves to use his engineering background creating psychedelic / trippy environments / visuals. He has completed a broad spectrum of projects, this was a new can of worms to be dabbling in.

The concept was to have “tree” like veins, but the thinnest areas had to be able to hold up the heavy points in the design. The rules of how it all works was challenging, so it was impossible to go as fine as you see in my earlier sketches (especially at the large size we were doing). It would probably collapse or something. Hah. Tried to find a middle ground where it stayed elegant, but has enough muscle to stay up.

He cut and installed the piece. My job was to draw concepts until we had a winner and convert my designs into vector art. Constant back and forth during the process as I was learning the capabilities of this art form. Still thought this was a great first go (even if we may do a few things different next round).