Custom Wall Art – Residential

(2) 3.5’x8′ Abstract Wall Art On Canvas

The client was into an Asian theme with dark red and black tones (a good match for his home). He also has kids, so keeping it “non-suggestive” (is this a word even?) was important. Any photo that the model is looking directly into the camera, well, it may become creepy for someone stumbling downstairs to get water in the night.

I was challenged to find a PG-13 photo in my inventory that was of his desired theme, and striking enough for wall art (oh, and it needed to be vertical). The elegance of this series seem to fit the bill, but these were shot for another (restaurant) commission where we painted abstract geishas. His budget did not allow for a new shoot, and it’s for his home (not a public space). I placed my aim to use images we did not choose for the other project, and to do another technique all together.

First order of business was to transfer the selected photograph onto the canvas, then gave some distressed layers. Basically the image was completely painted over (her facial features, hair, kimono, etc-etc). You can’t tell if it’s a photograph or painting without a few looks.

Since piece one came out pretty overwhelming, I kept piece two extremely minimal. This was my first stab at abstract cherry blossom trees. My close friend’s 5 year old daughter inspired me. Talent comes in all sizes! Lol. Sorry to not have better photos. I left town day after install, and the studio lighting was horrible during process. The gold leaf is not as reflective like shown here.

This was one of my first homes to do custom art for, I’m usually doing for public spaces. Must say it was special to me. He even had me explain to the kids my entire process. Made me happy to see everyone loved it so much. xx