Custom Image Transfers for FPSF Bands

Free Press Summer Fest ’13
(99) Mix Media Photo Transfers On Wood

Stephanie Gonzalez collab

We were given 3 days with a tight budget to prepare custom art ‘thank you gifts’ for all headlining bands (Postal Service, Iggy Pop, Passion Pit, Cat Power, TV On The Radio, and Arctic Monkey, just to name a few). It was such a privilege to play such a role so we did what we could having no real time or money. Hope these are enjoyable for you. Found wood and chopped them up to little blocks. Had a layering party from there with geometric art, abstract layers, and photo transfers. Final blocks were sanded and sealed for a smooth (semi-gloss) finish. Can’t tell in the photos too much, lol… I always suck at getting process photos because I’m too involved with getting shit done during projects. <3 #hustlemode forever