Distant Eyes | Abstract Mixed Media Art


About the Art:
Volume ‘Retrograde’ Art Series (summer 2019)…

Time is an illusion. It can go in many directions (not just into the future or past), however the only thing that is running out of time is right now. Everything exists in the now. The past happened in the now, the future happens in the now. The present is happening right now. So observe your breath right now. Thoughts are nothing. Only meanings you’re trying to place upon them. Emotions are not fact. They are your brain (or ego in most cases) trying to manipulate your higher-self / power, you must shut that shit down. That’s the true war if there’s any at all. Your mind is ‘trying’ to over take your subconscious, but there’s no contest BECAUSE your subconscious is far too powerful. You just have to reprogram your subconscious to have it operate ideally for your reality (more on this later). But you don’t have to pay to do this.

Just know — Your thoughts are trying to hold your body and reality hostage. Your brain is a tool. Not your master. So follow your heart / gut (which can only be heard in your silence, in your stillness). There are no thoughts that need to exist unless you are creating or learning. And those thoughts come from flowstate / intuition. Space consciousness is a luxury. Gap between thoughts so to say… A mind full of thoughts is the most dangerous thing in this Universe unless you’re using it as a tool to help paint a better reality for society, this planet, yourself, or this Universe. Your mind can not understand this, but you can. Wake. Up. Now.

48″ (W) x 36″ (L) x 2.25″ (H)
Original black and white photo transferred onto wood, distressed layers, satin finish.