Vita Mutari Salon – Custom Wall Art

Mixed-Media Abstract Art
Large Image Transfers On Canvas and Wood (at various sizes)

Stephanie Gonzalez collab

*Sorry for not better photos :/

This was a series developed during 2015 in our spare time. Mainly just wanted to test techniques freely while putting a show together (on the back burner). Kept us off the streets at night having something to put our focus on between commissions. All photos were shot on 35mm film taken by me.

I spent time giving the base (background) layers grit. Once they have that sexy distressed look, then I get the image(s) transferred onto the pieces. It’s passed to Steph at that point. We like to discuss options for color pallets and layers, but generally I like to say a few things per my visions, then let Steph work her magic. We have a way of meeting one another and walking straight up the center when collabing. I’d go in every few layers and play with making the textures more raw and distressed, then pass it back and repeat.

The salon was in complete need to cover their walls. I’m happy these babies got a good home! Now there’s space to make more again! (grin)