Custom Hotel Art | Le Méridien, Saigon

Le Méridien, Saigon – Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Stephanie Gonzalez collab (summer 2014)

We were beyond honored and extremely challenged by such a large volume project. All work was a combo of photography (by a local Ho Chi Minh photog and myself), abstract painting (SG collab), and mixed media art (SG collab).

There were approx. 300 pieces created. Every (3) 4’x8′ panel made up (1) 12’x8′ wall. Each suite we worked on had a 12’x8′ bed panel, another 12’x8′ for the living area wall, and some smaller pieces in the living / dining. The public spaces (bars, meeting rooms, restaurants, clubs, etc-etc…) of the hotel had various sizes built throughout, mostly more panel sets at 4’x8′ (on canvas or wood).

We explored a bunch of new techniques, styles, materials, and color pallets. There were so many variations, it was shocking to look back. They provided us with color pallets, ideal concepts to stick within, and sizes for all works. Basically we were able to throw down using our own style and flavor, but while blending their branding / visual needs.

*My favorite technique that came from the commission:
I wanted Steph to do her free abstract layers over my image transfers / collage designs since the Anthropologie Store mural (spring ’13) project, but this was the first time we got the opportunity to exercise the full vision (about 16 months later). We actually originally got to play with the technique on FPSF summer ’13 (small wood transfers). I was super into transfers for a few years already, but during that Free Press project I became obsessed with layering, grit, and knew I wanted to see it executed in LARGE  scale / format.  I did (before this project ever even happened) start going big on the West End  Gastropub and Dean’s Downtown commissions. Definitely took stepping stones increasing the sizes. You sort of have to grow balls. And since this hotel commission, it’s becoming massive (see CityCentre and Tarakaan mural projects).

*Every commission has been like a game of add-on. Always testing, sampling, discovering, and taking risks. You have to leave your comfort zone and skill level as an artist behind you. Oh- and your ego, lol! Byeeeeee! =)

As a duo, we found our perfect (solo) slot in the collab, then walked straight up the line to meet one another in the middle. It was what our art from day one was meant to be together, and was a milestone for what we currently stem from today. <3