Custom Bar Art | Abstract Geisha Mural On Brick

(1) 50′ Abstract Geisha Mural On Brick

Stephanie Gonzalez collab (summer 2015)

I ended up doing a STUDIO SHOOT so we had our own sexy photos to paint art from. It’s not 100% traditional geisha, mainly just wanted hints in the styling of images. The client wanted to do a concept that had been done in New York before, so it was important to do our version of it. Make it as different as possible. We kept it super basic, enjoyed our messy side, and served our ‘bad is good’ style. I promise they all talk *and for sure take their whiskey neat.

We only have some snaps of behind the bar area. There was also a large section (not photographed) on the ceiling where we created an abstract flower garden (on two 8’x8′ suspended wooden ceiling panels). This nested over a lower level dining area. The floral patterns are the same found on the geisha’s kimono when you visit the VIP room. This pulled them together visually. Behind the bar you get the faces up close only, then in the VIP rooms you have three fully framed abstract geishas (ranging up to 7′-8′ in height).

Hope you can enjoy these. We only got a few process shots.

*View full geisha photo shoot / behind the scenes.