CityCentre Houston | Public Mural Art

Art Is Good For The Soul
(1) 20′ x 20′ Mixed-Media Art Wall

Stephanie Gonzalez collab (summer 2015)

A mural project CityCentre created to inspire the “young” community to make art, and to become aware of how you can emotionally connect with it. The 20′ x 20′ mixed-media piece spent summer ’15 living outside CityCentre’s Urban Outfitters and Free People location.

The photo we used was from an earlier shoot I did. They gave us some weird plastic meshing to put the art on. :/ The normal technique had to be altered so we could make it work. Final outcome made us pretty happy in the end. Imperfection is beautiful to me *forever and always.

This is the largest size piece we have done currently. For sure realized the Commerce Studio is too small to take on the direction our work is going in. We were lucky enough to go paint at a friend’s AMAZING ranch. Just another typical summer day for us. =)