The Wounded Healer – Channeling Chiron | Abstract Art


About the Art:
Volume ‘Retrograde’ Mixed Media Abstract Art Series (summer 2019)…

The warrior within all of us– There was a holocaust that many healers lost their lives to and it’s long been forgotten by many. Women (and even some men that were considered to be) were taken as witches, cast out from society, and burnt alive. The damage and trauma to the psyche on a collective level has attached itself to our karmic energy (as a society). It has followed us from past lives into this present existence (again, on a collective level, our minds still shed and heal that energy force).

The harder you have suffered, the greater your healing powers and potentials can unfold to help others (as you heal yourself). Let your weaknesses and lessons become your strengths. As a society we must cleanse that pollution that has infected our subconscious on a catastrophic level and manifested into our (collective) exterior world. Thoughts are so powerful. Clear your mind. Use your warrior powers.

And trust that only darkness can show you the light.

48″ (W) x 36″ (L) x 2.25″ (H)
Original black and white photo transferred onto wood, distressed layers, satin finish.

This is the last piece left in the series. Email me ( directly if you’d fancy owning this artwork. <3