Anthropologie Store | Abstract Mural Art

(1) 5’x6′ On Canvas

Stephanie Gonzalez collab (spring 2013)

We were asked to create an abstract mural for the Grand Opening Reception (Highland Village location in Houston, Texas). The original artwork was sliced up by the Anthropologie visual team into small 3″x3″ squares. They chopped and white-washed wood blocks, then sealed the canvas to them.

On a visual note, doing this project we wanted to hold up the standard / quality of Anthropologie design + branding. It was important that we kept it earthy, feminine, and the season of bloom close in mind (this was an early March event). Felt like we were able to succeed in pulling those elements together. Everyone seemed thrilled! It was lovely to watch folks dig through them frantically until they found the perfect one (or five, lol) for them to take home.

Here are some iphone snaps from the opening along with some process shots during the build. Hope you enjoy…