Ancient Civilizations | A Quantum War / Revolution | The ‘Regeneration’ Series


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Please note that some of the photographic images below were created outside of the actual series– I only have them photographed within this collection because of building and releasing all the work at the same time. xx


Many of the elements that show up in this series became a major theme in my life over the past few years (in many forms for that matter). To put it simple— It has much to do with shedding old skin, rebirth / new beginnings, being a warrior women (on a collective level and a personal level). Not forcing or swimming upstream for life, but letting life flow to me and responding to what aligns with me or not. To let go of the idea and illusion of self.

The mind is so preoccupied with skewed perceptions and placing meanings on EVERY LITTLE THING, this causes the downloads from the information field to be overlooked constantly. The information is there to be absorbed and guide you. If everyone could just truly align themselves from a self level (actually put in the work and embrace that most of the work will be gritty), that would be the true contribution to society everyone seeks to apply in their lifetime (in my opinion).

It seems to me at least (still only my opinion again here)– The purpose and meaning people seek in life that drives this organic force deep within us so we can help build and contribute to this collective tool bag that services humanity (so we can grow, survive and evolve), it’s neglected due to the performance layer of standards (what’s acceptable in society), and the program society has placed over us all. It pulls the wool so tightly over the eyes that true self alignment is just a crazy and unreachable illusion. It blinds many from the truth. From a self level if we one-by-one put in the work of breaking the conditioning of society and truly letting go, it would cause the entire collective to become a fractal of dominos falling into place like ancient geometry. Maybe then we could evolve into our next phase as a species fully.

The current planet alignments in the sky– These are dances that haven’t happened in hundreds of years, some of them even thousands and beyond even. The energies behind these dances in the sky are manifesting here in reality on this 3rd dimensional physical plane. It’s extremely potent and unfortunately unobserved by too many. The roots of our very existence playing over our heads and spitting information into the field around us. It is overlooked, ignored, it grazes across our beings like oil mixed with water just rolling off the collective (with only some drips reaching a few putting in the work).

~to be continued later…