Assorted Steph & Jules Collabs | Abstract Mixed Media Art

Most of these were sold to Vita Mutari Salon in Houston, Texas (Rice Village).

*There’s one piece still available from this series, click images to review the art info! <3


This was a series developed in 2015 during our spare time. We wanted to test techniques freely and / or be putting a show together (sort of back burner stuff). All photos were taken by me (Julie Worsham) on 35mm film.

I spent time getting base grit layers sexy + the images transferred on to the pieces. We discussed options for color pallets / layers, but generally I like to say a few things about my vision then let Steph go nuts adding her own layers. We have a way of meeting one another in the middle and walking straight up the center when collaborating. I’d go in every few layers and play with making the textures more raw and distressed, then pass it back and fourth (and repeating this cycle until we both love it and give our blessings =).

Here are a few other commissions Steph and I have done together over the years: