Photo of Austin, Texas based abstract artist and photographer, Julie Worsham (also known as Jules, Art Director at 2Tired2Sleep Creative Studios).


Driven by primitive instinct and intuition, not the conditioning or logic of modern man society.

This is my never ending rabbit hole. It’s always in progress and never complete. I’m a Pisces baby born March, 1980. There’s a beast that lives inside of me, things like abstract art and photography tame my inner chaos. My mood swings around the weather and music. I prefer things sexy, whimsical, minimal, and by hand. Simplicity with dabs of imperfection sends me to my ‘bad is good’ happy place. You can find me typically barefoot, in my swimmies, covered in paint, prolly making messes in the sun. <3

Art is the way I heal daily, it surfaces my flow state. If I have indefinitely stopped thinking and just living by my instinct/ intuition, my healing is complete.

It’s a struggle daily. We all have it. You are not your thoughts. We just need to release ourselves from modern man patterning of society.

Embrace risk as your servant.
Trust your path.

The unknown is the sexiest place to be. Your path will unfold as it should. Your thoughts collapse the probability wave. Just trust in the Universe. It has a divine plan for you (and it’s better than anything you could come up with for yourself). If only you can just let go and float.

I’m just here to hopefully inspire a few folks, learn, teach, hug, love, laugh, cry, eat, swim, run, stretch, create, honor my shadow side as much as my light, and just make a living out here during the process of this journey.

My aim in what I produce is to make you feel empowered, free, raw, not afraid of anything… To know your true potential comes from the inside out. To help activate those energies that fuel your higher-self.

For the past 2 decades my days circle around photography (film + digital formats), graphic design, alternative print techniques / production, abstract art, large mixed media art, then tastefully blending and layering these crafts together.

I’ve produced photos and art for Le Méridien Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City (Starwood Hotels & Resorts), Anthropologie Store, various restaurants and bars, fashion companies, salons, music festivals, custom home art, Airbnb rentals, retail spaces, and pray the U(You)niverse keeps sending me more. =)

Thank you for stopping by– Maybe our paths were / are meant to cross.

Hugs and love,
Jules xx

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*Please contact me directly for any original art and print purchases, commissions, design needs, photo shoot bookings, or feel free to just say hello at I’m based in Austin, Texas with availability to travel for projects. However; currently (since summer 2021) I’m living / traveling around on my bus that I’ve been converting all year into a mobile studio / camper. =) Let’s create together!

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Art Commissions
Graphic Design
Creative Play


Through being an abstract artist / photographer, I’ve learned to navigate life through creativity vs. letting fear be my driver. It’s how I hop out of this realm and align my true self in this incarnation.



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  1. Michael

    Just wanted to say “hi”! Your very talented as beautiful. Your mom keeps talking about your art. She is very proud of you. Hope to see your art in person one day… Take care Jules

    • jules

      Thank you so much for your kind words and hearing my mom talk about her babies. =) Reach out anytime! =)