Jules Worsham of 2Tired2Sleep Creative

Please contact me at jules@2tired2sleep.com, or +1 (832) 630-3280 (USA).

This is my never ending rabbit hole. It’s always in progress and never complete. I’m a Pisces baby born March 1980. There’s a beast that lives inside of me, so things like art and photography tame my inner chaos. My mood swings around the weather and music. I prefer things sexy, whimsical, minimal, and by hand. Simplicity with dabs of imperfection send me to my “bad is good” happy place.

My current focus is on film photography methods, alternative print techniques, abstract painting, mixed-media art, graphic design, then tastefully blending and layering these crafts together.

Over the past 5 years I’ve produced art for Le Méridien Hotel, Saigon (Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Ho Chi Minh City), Anthropologie Store, various restaurants and bars, music festivals, custom home art, salons, and pray the Universe keeps sending me more. Please review my volume of work under Art Commissions.

I’m actually living on the road since August 1, 2017. My purpose is to explore and absorb the diverse surrounds I’m exposed to, then apply it to my art, photos, and design. Sort of being an aimless feather to see where the wind blows me at this point. *The world is too beautiful not to do this a few times in your life.

I’m currently accepting new projects and commissions. Reach out if you want to discuss teaming up! You can contact me at jules@2tired2sleep.com, or +1 (832) 630-3280 (USA).

Jules <3

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Facebook: JulesWorsham
Instagram: 2Tired2Sleep
Twitter: @LoverOfGreens
Pinterest: JulesWorsham
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Public Collections:

Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • CityCentre: The Mural Project – Houston, TX 7/2015 (SG collab)
  • Muir Fine Art Gallery: July 4th Reception – Houston, TX 7/2015 (SG collab)
  • Free Press Summer Fest: Custom art on wood “thank you” gifts for headlining bands – Houston, TX 6/2013 (SG collab)
  • ANTHROPOLOGIE STORE: Grand Opening Mural – Houston, TX 3/2013 (SG collab)
  • Free Press Summer Fest: Fancy Pants “Steam Punk” Murals – Houston, TX 6/2012 (SG collab)

Private Collections:

  • Painted Photography: Custom Wall Art – Houston, TX 3/2016 – present
  • Abstract Veins: Steel Window Design Installation (Kelly O’Brien collab) – Houston, TX 3/2015 – present

Published Work:

  • HM Magazine: The Used (cover + spread) – 4/2014
  • HM Magazine: Memphis May Fire (cover + spread) – 3/2014
  • SPIN MAGAZINE: The Tontons – 2/2014
  • ROLLING STONE: The Tontons – 1/2014
  • NEW YORK TIMES (Sunday Times): The Tontons – 1/2014
  • HM Magazine: Impending Doom (cover + spread) – 11/2013
  • HM Magazine: KORN (cover + spread) – 10/2013
  • HM Magazine: The Devil Wears Prada (cover + spread) – 9/2013
  • Red Bull: The Tontons (photo usage) – 2013
  • The Houston Chronicle: FPSF Fancy Pants (steampunk murals) – 6/2012

Show Curations / Events:

  • The Way We Saw It: Photo Copy Show – Houston, TX 9/2013
    Curated + Hosted by  Megan Tipps, Ryan Francisco, and Julie Worsham.
  • Love Sick or Sick of Love: Photography Show – Houston, TX 11/2012
    Curated + Hosted by Dandee Warhol, Stephanie Gonzalez, and Julie Worsham.